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Intro. to Agility is a 6 week novice level agility class that will introduce you to basic handling skills, agility obstacles, and team building using reward based training methods.

We will practice basic handling, jumps, tunnels, tippy boards, weave poles, and more.

This class is great for anyone interested in getting started in the sport of agility or anyone looking for a fun class to keep their dog mentally and physically active.

*This class is for dogs 8 months old and older.

*The class fee is $180 for 6 consecutive (unless otherwise noted) 45 minute - 1 hour classes.

*Class is capped at 6 students.

*Dogs that bark, growl, or lunge would not be good candidates for this class. Private training or reactive dog classes would be more helpful for these dogs.

*The first class will have a 15min orientation, so dogs will either need to be crated in your vehicle, or come to class with a stuffed Kong, chew, or puzzle toy to keep them busy durring the orientation.

*Class Dates: 2/20, 2/27, 3/5, 3/12, 3/19, 3/26

Intro. to Agility at Happy Tails Training Center, Portland, ME. Thursdays 6pm

  • A refund is available 2 days prior to your session. No refunds or date changes will be available after that time.

  • Registration for training implies that you have agreed to the following:
    I understand that attendance at a dog training session may pose some risk to myself, members of my family, my guests, and my dog(s) and expressly assume the risk of any damage or injury (to myself, my dog(s), and/or any minors attending a dog training session with my) incurred as a result of a dog training session conducted by or on behalf of The Familiar Canine.
    I understand that it is my responsibility to supervise my dog(s) for their safety and the safety of other dogs and people.
    If I am bringing children to the session, understand that it is my responsibility to supervise them for their safety and the safety of the dogs.
    I am responsible for damages caused by my dog(s) and/or my guests and family members.
    To minimize all risks, I agree to disclose to the trainer any danger or sensitivities my dog(s) may present. I will immediately inform the trainer of any situations that may provoke aggression in my dog(s) and be responsible for avoiding those situations.
    In consideration of my participation in a dog training session or sessions conducted by or on behalf of The Familiar Canine, I, on behalf of myself and any minors attending the dog training session(s) with me, waive, release, and agree to hold harmles The Familiar Canine and any and all of its employees, volunteers, agents, insurers, and successors from any and all causes of actions, claims, demands, losses, injuries, and damages of any kind which may be sustained by them or their dog(s) in connection with the dog training session.
    Privacy Policy
    All information received will remain confidential, unless specific permission has been requested and received to post to our website or printed materials, as on the testimonials page. No home addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, or billing information will be given or sold to another party.
    Film/Photo Waiver
    I give my permission to Naomi Smith and The Familiar Canine to use my likeness or my dog’s likeness in photograph or video from class(es) and private lesson(s) for use in in any or all of The Familiar Canine’s media including but not limited to printed and digital publications. I understand and agree that any photograph or video using my likeness or my dog’s likeness will become property of The Familiar Canine and I will receive no compensation for my participation.